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We are all mortal. We all have our regrets, shame, and guilt. The Gospel of Christ is the incredibly Good News that our Creator loves us and will not abandon us to dust and ash forever. Through the death and resurrection of God’s only begotten Son, there is victory over sin and death. That is the best news anyone could ever encounter. God is not only our Creator but our Redeemer as well–a good and loving God who is worthy of worship. The Good News–the Gospel of Christ–should inspire joy and celebration. As the Church fulfills the Great Commission of Christ (Matthew 28:19-20) it offers the moving witness of worshiping communities of faith. Fellowship and worship is integral to the purpose of the Church.

Belvidere Church of Christ represents a brotherhood of Christian faith that has historically celebrated the Gospel of Christ with the a-cappella (non-instrumental), congregational singing of classic, timeless hymns. Of course, we recognize that many churches offer services that feature contemporary worship anthems led by praise teams of vocalists and musicians. Some of us are immensely blessed, inspired, and encouraged by a worship experience featuring that level of instrumentation and production. We have even hosted and offered non-Sunday/special events in which we set up the drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, and additional microphones to lead a gathering in the singing of contemporary praise songs you can hear on Christian music radio. This not only connects with and ministers to those who gather for such events. These are also opportunities for those of us who are musicians and vocalists to serve in a way that is not available during our weekly, Sunday morning, communion/worship services.

While contemporary worship, featuring a full ensemble praise team, is very popular and increasingly common, there is something beautiful, dignified, peaceful, uncluttered, never-too-loud, and, well, even organic, if you will, about a traditional, a-cappella worship service that remains meaningful to many of us–it is a practice and tradition that we feel is worth sustaining–and can be meaningful to others as well. After all, for those believers with whom contemporary worship anthems most resonate, there are wonderful churches in the area (where some of us have close friends and family that we embrace and love as our brothers and sisters in Christ) that offer instrumental accompaniment and even the big production experience. And, we do not necessarily all have to be the same in the way that we sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with thankfulness in our hearts to God (Colossians 3:16). As for us, we are content to do our best to offer a well conducted a-cappella worship service, coupled with communion, prayer, an opportunity to contribute to fund the operation and ministry of our congregation, and teaching that is intended to be biblical and encouraging. If you are curious or intrigued by possible change of pace–a simple and yet sweet and bright worship experience (that you may find more encouraging that you might expect) in a fellowship where the Gospel of Christ and biblical values are affirmed, you are welcome to visit and join us in celebrating the Good News of Christ’s victory over sing and death. New voices to join ours in the praise of our risen Savior and Lord are always welcome.

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