Husband and Dad

Doc Strauss was married most of his happy life to his precious wife, Jewel. They were blessed with two daughters and many grand children.


Doc Strauss served most of his life as a professor of theology and philosophy at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The vast majority of those years were spent at Lincoln Christian College (now "University") and Seminary in Lincoln, IL, where he made a huge and positive impact on both the school and his students.


Doc Strauss was more than visionary educator, professor and defender of the Faith. He was first and foremost a minister and preacher of the Gospel. All of his efforts were geared towards the equipping of Christian leadership and the advancement of the Kingdom of God


Doc Strauss was a loving husband and father. Doc was an inspirational educator and a brilliant theologian. Doc was passionate in his service to the Church and his Lord. Doc was also a warm and wonderful soul who was a dear and precious friend.

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