Daniel Kyei is a Ghana national who serves as an evangelist in his country. Daniel receives support for his ministry from Belvidere Church of Christ in the way of  monthly, free-will offerings. Pasted below the two maps are some recent communications from Daniel to George Quigley, his primary point of contact at this congregation.

Dear George,
I salute you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hope you’re doing well?
Here are our attendance and offering for the first month of 2017.
1/01/2017 Was a joint fellowship as I captured in the report I sent to you.
1/08/2017 Attendance: 86 Giving=Ghc 196.52p ($46.59 USD)
1/15/2017 Attendance: 82 Giving=Ghc 197.99p ($47.42 USD)
1/22/2017 Attendance: 85 Giving=Ghc 197.35p ($47.27 USD)
1/29/2017 Attendance: 89 Giving= Ghc 204.71p ($49.03 USD)
We saw tremendous increment in both attendance and offering in the last month. I am anticipating that our attendance and offering could continue to increase in February and subsequent months.

Daniel Kyei’s 2016 Annual report, received 1/6/2017
Dear George,
Hope you are doing well in the Lord. I promised to send you our summary report for the year 2016 and here it is:
1. Our average giving for year 2016 was Ghc 86.94p = ($22.24 USD)
2. Average attendance: 68
3. Average visitors attendance : 15
4. New converts: 11
Some important things happened in the year 2016
1. Priscilla (my daughter) baptized
2. Leah Afriyie and family moved to London (UK)
3. We provided leadership training for all our satellites churches that’s, Boanim Church, Kofiase Church, Benim Church, Boaman Church and Anyinasu Church.
4. We had public preaching at Wiamoase and our satellites churches.
5. Esther ( my wife) lost her sister who went to delivery a baby. The child survived, but the mother lost her life. The child is still with us.
6. We donated 50bags of cements to support Boanim Church building project.
7. We assist Kofiase Church also to acquire building plot.
8. We received $885.00 US Dollars for Daniel and family healthcare from Belvedire Church of Christ, Illinois.
9. We received $1,200 USD support for Daniel, which spread for twelve (12) months that’s $100USD per month.
Some problems encountered:
1. Financial problems: We encountered financial problems due to the problem our satellites churches faced. we used to receive letter of request from them to support their brethren seriously in need of help.
-Assist them when a member is dead.
-Helping to send some of our youths to assist them every Sunday.
2. Lateness: From Wiamoase church to all the satellites Churches, lateness is a big problem. People are not time conscious, but we hope things will change this year.
3. Marital problems: A lot of the members in our satellites wanted to divorce their partners because marriage rites have not been performed. Through our interventions, three men went to perform it and later came to be baptized at Boaman church.
Our Forecast for 2017.
1. Focus on evangelism: Through public preaching, house to house, market places, in transport,etc. Public preaching will be done every quarterly: From wiamoase to all the satellites churches.
2. To increase our attendance through edification and benevolence among all our satellites churches.
3. Promote strong and healthy relationship among members and our visitors.
4. To increase our weekly attendance and giving.
5. To raise funds to support Boanim church to roof their building and start worshipping in by the close of this year.
Our theme for this year is : LET CHRIST BE KNOWN AMONG YOU!
We beginning 2017 with a joint fellowship with our satellites Churches at wiamoase. Our attendance was 257 and giving was Ghc 540.99p.
After the church service, we had our get together meals, which was very interested. The leaders at Wiamoase church agreed to distribute the giving to the satellites church to purchase some hymn books and communion materials.
We will continue to strive for Lord. “Let Christ Be Known Among You”